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v4.2.0.255(Release date: 2014-07-05)

Bugfix: couldn't transfer call on live message account.

v4.2.0.253(Release date: 2013-06-08)

Bugfix: couldn't run multiple lines on windows 8 and server 2012.

v4.2.0.227(Release date: 2012-07-28)

Bugfix: couldn't hear greeting sometimes.

v4.2.0.220(Release date: 2011-10-14)

Bugfix: Slient mode.
New feature: Automatic close Skype call quality feedback window.

v4.2.0.208 (Release date: 2011-03-17)

Bugfix: Crash/hang when DTMF tones press frequently.
Improvement: Improve track history fuction.
Improvement: License management.

v4.2.0.192 (Release date: 2010-10-12)

New feature: Allow agent to use specifid PMCCS line's skype id(s) to make outbound calls.
New feature: Send chat notify msg to agent when them got a new voicemail.
New feature: New Option(only allow using agent assistant to transfer call between agants).

v4.2.0.182 (Release date: 2010-07-23)

Bugfix: Couldn't hearing voicemail greeting sometimes.
Bugfix: Agent assistant connection issue.
Bugfix: System freezing sometimes.
Improvement: Improve outbound call feature.

v4.2.0.108 (Release date: 2010-06-21)

Improvement: Add the tip window.
Improvement: Add the system diagnostics.
Bugfix: Minor bugs in public contact list.
Bugfix: Voice message stop playing sometimes.

v4.0.2.106 (Release date: 2009-12-22)

Bugfix: Hearing inbound greeting in outbound session sometimes.

v4.0.2.101 (Release date: 2009-12-18)

Feature: Auto-start PMAAS when Windows starts.
Feature: Contact phone number sorting in PMAAS.
Feature: DTMF tones enabled in the dial panel in PMAAS.
Feature: Auto-pop up PMAAS when receiving a incoming call.
Feature: Call personalized based on dialed Skype name.
Improvement: Voicemail features improved.
Bugfix: Ring to next available agent doesn't work when time less than 35 seconds.
Bugfix: Outbound caller doesn't show as busy.
Bugfix: Waiting queue issue.
Bugfix: Minor UI bugs.

v4.0.1.177 (Release date: 2009-09-21)

Bugfix: Outbound user authentication failure with agent assistant.

v4.0.1.171 (Release date: 2009-09-09)

Bugfix: Handoff transfer not release line with skype 4.0 or later.
Bugfix: Agent Assistant couldn't transfer call sometimes.
Bugfix: Stop in flash when program initializing sometimes.

v4.0.0.226 (Release date: 2009-08-28)

Improvement: Skip to next available agent feature improved.
Bugfix: Agent Assistant minor bug fixs.
Bugfix: Transfer timeout issue in public extension.

v4.0.0.106 (Release date: 2009-08-18)

Feature: PrettyMay Agent Assistant for Skype released.
Feature: Direct dial out.
Feature: Easy Call Transfer.
Feature: Presence monitoring.
Feature: Call monitoring.
Feature: Queue mointoring.
Improvement: Compatible with Windows 7.
Bugfix: minor bug fixs.

v3.8.0.113 (Release date: 2009-07-01)

Improvement: Update help link to knowledge base.

v3.8.0.112 (Release date: 2009-06-24)

Feature: Call conference room supported.
Feature: Call transfer during outbound calls.
Feature: Auto chat reply on the main Skype account.
Feature: Timeout settings in voice menu node.
Improvement: Call queue feature improved.
Bugfix: Minor bug fixs.

v3.6.0.318 (Release date: 2009-04-24)

Improvement: On hold music when transfer calls between agents
Bugfix: Auto add caller id to contact list
Bugfix: Crashes after input standard license code

v3.6.0.305 (Release date: 2009-03-10)

Feature: Sending caller information to skype agent

v3.6.0.302 (Release date: 2009-03-05)

Feature: Supporting Skype 4.0
Feature: Multiple simultaneous lines are supported on Vista or Server 2008 system(Skype 4.0 required).
Feature: Silence mode supported.

v3.5.0.201 (Release date: 2009-02-06)

Bugfix: Transfer timeout doesn't work for a PSTN number.

v3.5.0.195 (Release date: 2008-12-18)

Bugfix: Dial by name issue.

v3.5.0.185 (Release date: 2008-09-29)

Bugfix: Caller queue issue.
Improvement: Transfer call to PSTN timeout.

v3.5.0.180 (Release date: 2008-09-09)

Improvement: Japanese language supported.
Improvement: Return to main menu in voicemail.

v3.5.0.176 (Release date: 2008-08-11)

Improvement: Skype agent's available status settings.
Bugfix: ActiveX control doesn't register on some computers.

v3.5.0.168 (Release date: 2008-08-04)

Bugfix: Call transfer doesn't work sometimes.
Improvement: English language file improvement.

v3.5.0.160 (Release date: 2008-07-16)

Feature: Call Personalization settings.
Feature: Full multi-language system voice prompts supported.
Change: Cancel the skype credit warnning in the outbound call center.
Improvement: Support call transfer with any Skype version (MAC, Mobile, SkypePhone, etc.).
Bugfix: Can't launch multiple concurrent lines on windows 2003 server sometimes.
Bugfix: Can't transfer a call to a phone system sometimes.

v3.0.1.186 (Release date: 2008-05-30)

Bugfix: Register dll failed on Windows 2003 server sometimes.

v3.0.1.116 (Release date: 2008-05-28)

Feature: New professional voice prompts.
Bugfix: Voicemail to email doesn't work sometimes.
Improvement: PMCCS take too long to answer a call.
Bugfix: Sometime remote access voicemail doesn't work.

v3.0.1.112 (Release date: 2008-05-26)

Feature: SMS notification when got new voicemails.
Feature: Dial By Name(Company Directory) supported.
Feature: Public Contacts List (Company Phonebook) supported.
Feature: Internal Call Transfers between Agents/Staff Members.
Feature: Remote access voicemail/manage greeting.
Feature: Ring group agents supported.
Feature: Hand off call transfers supported.
Feature: An opiton for caller in the queue to leave voicemail.
Feature: Call transfers between agents without voice plugin required.
Improvement: UI enhancement.
Change: '#' is reserved for Dial By Name.
Bugfix: PMCCS doesn't launch when system restarts.
Bugfix: Sometimes PMCCS crashes when system restarts.
Bugfix: Crashes Skype 3.8.

v2.5.5.76 (Release date: 2008-03-28)

Bugfix: Voicemail to email forwarding failed.
Bugfix: Outbound authenticated users lost after restart .
Bugfix: Press '#' in a outbound call produce an unknown call.

v2.5.5.16 (Release date: 2008-03-14)

Improvement: Enhance voice prompt quailty.
Improvement: The second SkypeIn call get busy tone when the first incoming call doesn't answer.

v2.5.5.10 (Release date: 2008-02-21)

Bugfix: No 'beep' noise after voicemail greeting on Vista system.
Bugfix: Unable to record calls/leave voicemail when the caller is Unknown number on Skype 3.6.
Bugfix: Unable to transfer a call between agents using voice plugin business version on Skype 3.6.

v2.5.2.70 (Release date: 2008-01-24)

Improvement: Enable to enlarge the call flow designing canvas.
Feature: Add an option to return to main menu in a call or voicemail.

v2.5.2.28 (Release date: 2008-01-04)

Bug fix: Unable to hear the greeting in the sub-lines sometimes.
Bug fix: Crash quit PMCCS.

v2.5.2.26 (Release date: 2007-12-31)

Feature: Call Flow import/export function supported.
Bug fix: Double digital numbers are unable to detected.

v2.5.1.26 (Release date: 2007-12-27)

Change: Allow customize email signature.
Improvement: Track history duration's precision.

v2.5.1.20 (Release date: 2007-12-18)

Feature: Add the "Beep" noise option after a voicemail greeting.
Feature: Skip to next available agent when the previous available agent doesn't answer the call.
Change: Only one voicemail greeting file for Phone/Skype Extension, remove the "press '1' to leave a message or hang up" prompt.
Bug fix: small bug fix in UI.

v2.5.0.88 (Release date: 2007-12-07)

Feature: Automatically call logs exporting.
Bug fix: Multiple lines can not be launched under domain computer.

v2.5.0.68 (Release date: 2007-12-03)

Feature: Outbound call center supported.
Feature: Export call log to Csv format files.
Feature: Multiple simultaneous lines supported on Windows server 2003.
Improvement: Enable to disable the hold on music in a PSTN call transferring.
Improvement: UI enhancement.

v2.0.0.56 (Release date: 2007-9-26)

Feature: Added optional voice prompt settings when the caller is being transferred.
Improvement: Pop-up warning message when a line doesn't connect to Skype successfully.
Improvement: Chinese Traditional and Italian languages supported.

v2.0.0.26 (Release date: 2007-8-24)

Feature: Multiple digital numbers can be assigned with voice menu node.
Change: UI enhanced.

v1.8.0.26 (Release date: 2007-8-15)

Feature: Multiple call flow charts based on opening hour.
Bug fix: Call transfer did not work with Skype 3.5

v1.5.1.86 (Release date: 2007-7-30)

Feature: Call history exported as Excel file.
Feature: Debug log added.
Bug fix: Sometimes doesn't answer a call.

v1.5.1.56 (Release date: 2007-7-13)

Bug fix: CPU usage sometimes overloaded.

v1.5.1.52 (Release date: 2007-7-3)

Feature: Allow queued caller to leave voicemail.

v1.5.1.32 (Release date: 2007-6-27)

Change: Enhance the management for call records/voicemail/track history.
Bug fix: Agent status issue corrected.

v1.5.0.105 (Release date: 2007-6-11)

Feature: Call transfer between Agents supported.
Bug fix: Connection issues for some Windows users corrected.
Bug fix: Windows Vista issues corrected.
Change: Optimization of some features.

v1.4.0.218 (Release date: 2007-5-28)

Feature: Transfer time-out option supported.

v1.4.0.127 (Release date: 2007-5-25)

Feature: Email forwarding queue supported.
Bug fix: Failed voicemail forwarding corrected.

v1.4.0.107 (Release date: 2007-5-22)

Feature: Call recording supported.
Feature: Skill-based routing supported.
Bug fix: Registration dialog can not pop up.
Change: Optimization of some features.

v1.3.2.0 (Release date: 2007-4-3)

Feature: Up to 30 simultaneous lines supported.
Bug fix: Connection to Skype failed on some PCs.

v1.3.0.0 (Release date: 2007-3-30)

Feature: Call queuing feature supported.
Bug fix: Icon problem in add/remove control panel.
Bug fix: Calls sometimes unanswered.

v1.2.0.86(beta) (Release date: 2007-3-16)

Feature: Up to 20 simultaneous lines supported.
Feature: Personalized greetings for each extension supported.
Feature: Voicemail extension supported (No need to assign Skype/phone to an extension).
Feature: Support single extension in call flow without any voice menu required.
Feature: Multiple digital numbers can be assigned to extension node (formerly only 0-9).
Feature: Status of line management added.
Bug fix: DTMF tones not recognised from Skypein line corrected.
Bug fix: Some unrecognised digital numbers corrected.


Feature: Simultaneous multiple lines supported.


Bug fix: Correct voice prompts not always playing.


Feature: Allow multiple queued contacts in extension node.